Wiley Job Network Marks Six Months of Success with 50,000 Registered Users

Published: Mar 30, 2012

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Hoboken, NJ. March 28, 2012 - Wiley-Blackwell, the scientific, technical, medical and scholarly publishing business of John Wiley & Sons, Inc has marked the first six months of Wiley Job Network by attracting over 50,000 registered users and over two million job views.

“Even with highly specialized skill sets, scientists, medical professionals and academics can still face the pressures and challenges of a difficult economy when looking for a new career,” said Eileen Dolan, VP & Director, Market Development, Wiley-Blackwell. “Against the current landscape in which social media has transformed long-established job-hunting practices, Wiley Job Network and its eight affiliate sites have proven to be a vital resource for employers and potential employees.”

Through its connection to Wiley Online Library, Wiley Job Network has become a key platform for engaging with a highly-specialized, well-educated, global community of researchers and professionals.

Wiley Online Library attracts a global audience of 13 million unique visitors every month, generating 80 million ad impressions and 40 million page views. Over 65% of these users hold advanced degrees.

Now, with new tools such as the Wiley Online Library Job Widget TM recruiters can target job adverts, both by subject and geography, to those 13 million passive job seekers.

Job seekers can also keep abreast of current positions by following the new Wiley Job Network Twitter pages, featuring the latest industry news and jobs related to their specialties. Twitter pages include @WileyJobNetwork, pharma (@WileyPharmaJobs), nursing (@WileyNursingJob), doctors (@WileyDoctorJobs), allied health (@WileyAlliedJobs), and science (@WileyScienceJob).

The network has also unveiled a new team of industry-specific consultants and contributors whose regular articles tackle issues ranging from the best way of using social media as part of your job search, to creating a personal and powerful elevator pitch. Contributors include Anita Bruzzese, Dr. John Sullivan and Jim Stroup.

“In the six months since launch, Wiley Job Network has proven to be a valuable resource for both jobseekers and employers looking for top talent,” said Darren Webster, Global Online Corporate Sales Director, Wiley-Blackwell. “To date, healthcare is the most active segment of the Network, with over 400,000 total visits, 2.5 million jobs views, and 37,000 submitted job applications.”

About Wiley Job Network:
Wiley Job Network builds on Wiley’s strong connection with professionals, researchers and academics working in science, technology, healthcare, business, finance, the humanities and the arts. With over 50,000 registered users and over 2 million job views in the first six months the network is successfully enabling employers to attract talented applicants from among the high-calibre users of Wiley Online Library’s products and services.

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