• 10 Industry Networking Tips For PhD Students
    Graduate school is the perfect time to connect with people in industry
  • It is critical to ask questions during job interviews - not only to impress the interviewer, but to gather important information about the company and the position.
  • Failing to ask questions during an interview could be a crucial mistake as a job candidate. View these recommendations for top company-related questions.
  • In recent years, science and information technology have been convergent, resulting in major leaps and advances in healthcare. Innovations ranging from healthcare-oriented social networking to digital health products are the first wave of what surely is a revolution in personalized medicine. As a result of these sea changes, and with major advances in fields such as bioinformatics and genomics, a host of new career opportunities in the life sciences are on the rise.

  • As the role social media plays in our lives continues to expand, its relevance has also extended to the world of commerce. In the pharmaceutical world, a growing number of companies are using social media to engage stakeholders and customers alike. All major pharmaceutical players have a social media presence, and how they apply it generally advances the dialogue on topics as diverse as medication use and wellness.

  • Quality assurance (QA) is a functional area in the pharmaceutical industry that needs to be filled by qualified staff with the right stuff to ensure the process works smoothly and mistakes are avoided at all costs. QA roles are indispensable to the manufacturing process in pharmaceuticals; hence good people are always sought after, more so given the growth of the pharmaceutical industry.