PhD: Studentship: Multiscale relativistic simulations.

United Kingdom
Feb 01, 2016
Jan 27, 2017
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PhD: Studentship: Multiscale relativistic simulations.

Engineering & the Environment

Location:  Highfield Campus
Closing Date:   Friday 27 January 2017
Reference:  685816F2

Project Reference: NGCM-0036

The details of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, and the structure of matter in extreme conditions, will soon be probed by observations of binary neutron star mergers from gravitational wave detectors such as LIGO. Extracting physical information from these observations depends on waveform templates, which can be constructed by numerical simulation. These simulations are extremely costly, as the propagation of physical information at lightspeed means a huge number of computational steps are necessary for stable evolutions. This restricts cutting edge simulations to the last dozen or so orbits, lasting a few milliseconds, which poses challenges for generating templates for observations.

The project will look at a combination of analytical and numerical techniques to substantially accelerate the simulation of compact binary inspiral. Using the coordinate freedom of relativity, a choice of frame will allow for each object to be modelled locally, significantly reducing the computational speed of propagation. Combined with suitable generalizations of, for example, the Low Mach approximation, multirate numerical integrators, and adaptivity of both numerical and analytical methods, this project aims to simulate the tidal disruption of the neutron stars over a hundred orbits or more.

This project is run through participation in the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling ( For details of our 4 Year PhD programme, please see

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