Lecturer in Economics

United Kingdom
Sep 19, 2016
Nov 07, 2016
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time

Job Purpose

To create and disseminate knowledge in economics through initiating and conducting original research, through publication and through developing and delivering undergraduate, postgraduate and CPD programmes, as appropriate to the disciplinary area. In addition, to contributing to the Department/School through management/leadership, as appropriate.

The responsibilities may include some but not all of the responsibilities outlined below:


To plan and carry out research in economics, using appropriate methodology and techniques. This may include:
- To pursue personal research in economics including developing research ideas and winning support, including financial support
- To plan, publish and/or execute high quality research in economics
- To project manage research activities in economics, and/or supervise other research staff
- To present findings in high quality publications and conference proceedings
- To develop novel methodologies and techniques appropriate to the type of research being pursued
- To supervise and examine PhD students, both within the institution and externally
- To provide expert advice to staff and students within the discipline
- To apply knowledge in a way which develops new intellectual understanding

Learning & Teaching:

To use a variety of methods of teaching and advising individuals and groups of undergraduates, postgraduates, or CPD students. This may include:
- To teach and examine courses at a range of levels
- To plan and review own teaching approaches and acting as a mentor to encourage others to do the same
- To develop programme proposals and make substantial contributions to the design of teaching programmes more widely in the Department or School, as appropriate
- Where appropriate, to undertake and develop the full range of responsibilities in relation to supervision, marking and examining
- To use appropriate approaches to learning and teaching in their field
- To disseminate appropriate practices through suitable media
- To develop and advise others on learning and teaching tasks and methods
- To devise and supervise projects, student dissertations and practical work

Management & Administration:

To contribute to Department/School administration or have a high level of responsibility for others. This may include:
- Contributing to the administrative/management of research and/or teaching across the Department/School
- Leading and managing a team to devise and implement a new and/or revised process (e.g. new programme or a recruitment drive)
- Advising on personal development of colleagues and students
- Making a major contribution to some administrative activities within the University (e.g. appeals panels, working groups)
- Contribute to widening participation, schools outreach and/or public understanding of the discipline

General scope of the role:

- Contributing to the whole range of research in economics, teaching and administration
- Research is likely to involve initiating, conducting and disseminating original research in economics
- Teaching is likely to include programme/module review and development, as well as delivery and assessment at all levels. The role will typically involve developing and advising others, including; (a) providing expert advice to staff and students, (b) supervising and examining PhD students, and (c) developing and advising others on learning and teaching tasks and methods
- Management and administration is likely to involve contributions at Department and School level, and/or making an important contribution to some managerial/administrative activities within the University (e.g. working groups)

Person Specification

Skills & Experience:

- Normally a higher degree relevant to the research/teaching area (usually PhD) or equivalent qualifications
- Extensive research/teaching experience and scholarship in economics
- Proven ability to devise, advise on and mange learning/research
- Skills in managing, motivating and mentoring others successfully at all levels


- Experience and achievement reflected in a growing reputation and some evidence of an ability to publish
- Extensive experience and demonstrated success in planning, undertaking and project managing research to deliver high quality results
- Extensive experience of applying and/or developing and devising successful models, techniques and methods


- Ability to design, deliver, assess and revise teaching programmes in economics
- Extensive experience and demonstrated success in developing appropriate approaches to learning and teaching and advising colleagues

Management Administration:

- Ability to contribute to School/Department management processes
- Ability to assess and organise resources effectively
- Understanding of and ability to contribute to broader management/administration processes

Planning & Organising:

- Plan for and set teaching programme objectives over a number of years
- Plan and manages own teaching courses at a range of levels (including design, delivery, assessment) as agreed with the Head of School
- Plan high quality research in economics and/or supervise other research staff
- Manage research activities in economics
- Organise meetings/conferences/symposia
- Contribute to the administration/management of research and/or teaching across the Department/School
- Lead/manage a team to devise and implement a new and/or revised process (e.g. new programme or recruitment drive)

Decision Making:

- Develop learning and teaching approaches, including approach to mentoring
- Develop programme proposals and decide what contributions to make to the design of teaching programmes
- Develop research ideas in economics
- Decide how to develop and undertake the research
- Decide where and when to resent research findings and what publications and conferences to target for this purpose (with guidance if required)
- Advise, supervise and examine PhD students
- Develop knowledge in specialist area
- Contribute to School/Departmental management processes