Professor/Senior Lecturer/Lecturer (Education) in Children's Nursing

United Kingdom
Oct 13, 2016
Nov 07, 2016
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time

To undertake high quality teaching of Children's Nursing, for both pre and post registration programmes, engage in scholarly activity, and contribute to the administration as well as outreach activity within the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen’s University Belfast. Candidates at Senior Lecturer and Professorial level are expected to provide academic leadership in the development and delivery of an innovative education programme in the field of Children's Nursing, undertake significant teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level and be expected to develop a personal research programme consistent with their expertise and the themes of the School.



  • Deliver a range of teaching and learning activities within Children's Nursing, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels within the School, including lectures, interactive sessions, practicals, and simulation-based activities.
  • Design and develop appropriate courses and teaching materials.
  • Develop approaches to teaching and learning, which are appropriate for pre and post registration programmes and that reflect developing practice.
  • Lead in the development of teaching and learning activities of Children's Nursing by pursuing new and innovative teaching approaches, taking the responsibility for the quality of course units. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Seek ways of improving performance by reflecting on teaching design and delivery and obtaining and analysing feedback.
  • Manage major teaching administrative functions such as accreditation and quality enhancement (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)). Contribute to the enhancement of quality teaching in the area of Children's Nursing within the School of Nursing and Midwifery. Contribute to the design of innovative teaching programmes.
  • Act as internal and external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate students and programmes. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Lead major elements of programme development, including new course structures and curricula. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Debate nationally about policy methods and practices through publications, conference activity and roles that advance quality (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education).

Scholarly Activity:

  • Engage in scholarly activity e.g. conference paper presentations, external funding secured, book reviews published, writing practice manuals, publication of professional materials (Lecturer (Education) which may include recognised professional practice, pedagogic and practitioner research or other creative output) that will enhance the School’s national / international reputation (Senior Lecturer (Education)).
  • Plan and lead scholarly activities of outstanding quality and national/international repute in Children's Nursing. (Professor (Education)).
  • Develop links with relevant professional bodies and other providers of professional legal education to ensure that teaching reflects current best practice.
  • Contribute to funding bids.
  • Lead major funding bids which develop and sustain pedagogical or scholarly research, educational development, knowledge transfer or outreach activity, as appropriate to subject and advance the reputation of the School and the University. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Maintain and develop teaching and subject expertise.
  • Engage in pedagogic and practitioner research and other scholarly activities and work in conjunction with others to apply subject knowledge to practice of the subject.
  • Sustain high quality scholarly contributions through conference papers and presentations.
  • Secure pedagogical or scholarly publications in high quality, internationally recognised journals contributing to the conceptual and/or practical development of the discipline which further develop an already sustained individual and team reputation in
  • Children's Nursing. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)). Supervise students in MPH, MSc and PhD programmes, and supervise and mentor staff. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).

Administration/Contribution to the Community:

  • Contribute to the School’s outreach and marketing strategy including contribution to Open Days and other course promotional events. Carry out designated School administrative duties including, for example, committee work, working group leadership or course administration.
  • Act as mentor or appraiser to colleagues, including Teaching Assistants, advising on their personal development and ensuring that they are meeting the standards required.
  • Provide pastoral care for students within their supervision to ensure, as far as practicable, that relevant issues are dealt with in a timely, sympathetic and effective manner.
  • Assume responsibility for a significant management/leadership role which contributes significantly to the development and running of the School (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Contribute to relevant professional bodies; engage in consultancy for industry and community organisations. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Sit on appropriate University Committees (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).

Planning and Organising:

  • Plan and manage own teaching and tutorials as agreed with Head of School.
  • Design/update modules in line with School’s teaching strategy.
  • Plan for the use of teaching resources as appropriate including the use of external tutors.
  • Manage projects relating to own area of work.
  • Contribute to the management of quality, audit and other external assessments (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Be involved in strategic planning for the School (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).

Resource Management Responsibilities:

  • Manage own teaching and administrative demands as required.
  • Act as adviser for trainees and mentor for less experienced colleagues.
  • Provide academic leadership; develop and manage staff and resources in support of major teaching and administrative duties and contribute to the overall management of the School (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Act as mentor for students.
  • Act as a mentor to peers and colleagues (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Contribute to the overall management of the School/work unit, in areas such as budget and business planning. (Senior Lecturer /Professor (Education)).

Internal and External Relationships:

  • Maintain and develop links with relevant professional bodies and external networks to market the School, generate income, obtain consultancy projects, or build relationships for future activities.
  • Lead and develop internal networks, e.g. by chairing and participating in institutional committee/s, lead and develop external networks e.g, with external examiners and assessors and develop links with external contacts such as other educational bodies, employers, and professional bodies to foster collaboration. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • A member of the School Board and Examination Board and such committees relevant to their administrative duties.
  • Collaborate with other staff within the School and the University.




  • Primary Degree. (Lecturer (Education)).
  • PhD or equivalent in a relevant discipline. (Professor/Senior Lecturer (Education)).
  • Higher degree (Masters or equivalent in a relevant subject area). (Lecturer(Education)).
  • Current registration status with the Nursing and Midwifery Council as a Registered Nurse (specialist area), OR possession of qualifications required for such registration.
  • High quality outputs in peer reviewed journals.
  • Sustained record of peer-reviewed publications contributing to the conceptual and/or practical development of pedagogy or the discipline, consistent with a national and emerging international reputation. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Relevant teaching experience at third level.
  • Significant experience and established reputation of teaching and designing courses at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level in higher education (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Evidence of successfully managing and leading significant developments in teaching (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Contribution to a wider range of community outreach programmes/initiatives in designing and delivering innovative new programmes. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)). Potential to secure funding grants at nationally/internationally competitive level.
  • Sustained record of obtaining external funding for pedagogical or scholarly research, educational development, knowledge transfer or outreach activity, as appropriate to subject area. Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education). Ability to contribute to broad management and administrative processes at a level commensurate with stage in career.
  • Contribution to a wider range of administrative tasks at a more strategic level. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Experience in managing staff and/or resources and of leading activities which contribute to the reputation or development of the organisation (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)). Evidence of productive external collaboration (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • Good organisational skills with the ability to work on own initiative.
  • Good communication skills with the ability to impart complex information concisely and clearly.
  • Effective interpersonal skills to liaise with and mentor trainees and colleagues.
  • Ability to encourage commitment to learn in others.
  • Appointment to this post is subject to the successful candidate’s Enhanced Criminal Record Check.


  • Diploma in Education, PGCHET (or equivalent; recorded with the NMC) or HEA membership.
  • Completion of PGCHET (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education)).
  • PhD or equivalent in a relevant discipline. (Lecturer (Education)).
  • Experience in Diabetes, Respiratory Nursing, Orthopaedics; Critical Care; Competency in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy and/or Psychosocial interventions.
  • Experience of multidisciplinary collaboration with both academia and industry.
  • Involvement with and/or organisation of national and international conferences.(Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education).
  • Contribution to and development of a wider range of community outreach programmes/initiatives. (Senior Lecturer/Professor (Education).
  • Evidence of innovation in nursing care or health service development. (Professor (Education).



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