PhD Fellowship Grant - CROME

Jan 10, 2017
Nov 08, 2017
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time
CROME will develop a history of memory of the colonial-liberation wars fought by the Portuguese state and pro-independence African movements. The project is divided into two big strands.
  • The first one looks at the role played by the states under consideration in generating selective historical representations.
  • The second one analyses dynamics between social memories and individual memories.

The approach chosen is simultaneously diachronic and comparative, examining how wars, colonial pasts and anticolonial legacies have been remembered and silenced in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and São Tomé and Principe.

Applicants should have a Master degree or be a PhD student in an initial phase. Fees will be supported by the project. The candidate will develop his/her dissertation under the supervision of CROME’s Principal Investigator. The work to be done includes gathering and analysis of different sources related to Portugal and San Tomé and Principe.

The selected candidate should develop his/her PhD thesis in articulation with CROME thematic scope. He/she will contribute to the implementation of the project’s scientific tasks. Especially, he/she will be asked to gather, organize and analyze qualitative data (e.g. interviews, archival data, documents, etc.), carry out a critical review of literature, conduct fieldwork, guarantee support in research management and networking and produce reports and outputs, among other tasks needed for the implementation of the project’s goals.

The fellowship will have a monthly stipend of 1.180 euros. The payment of the Voluntary Social Insurance and the Personal Accidents Insurance adds up to this amount.