Maintenance Officer

United Kingdom
May 17, 2017
May 31, 2017
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time
Job Summary
To plan and deliver a responsive, efficient, safe and cost-effective maintenance service to a particular portfolio of University buildings, by providing expert guidance on their maintenance, and by appropriately specifying and procuring work from internal and external resources.
To investigate and set out the needs both of the buildings and services, and of the various departments who are customers. To devise appropriate solutions and implement them.
To provide specialist technical advice to colleagues and other departments. To formulate long-term maintenance strategies and policies for the effective management and development of the estate and its assets.

Main Duties
Using expert knowledge, identify the necessary provision of maintenance to a set portfolio of buildings. Identify, Implement, monitor and manage services and contracts, from both in-house and external sources. (Team budgets are typically £1.5Mpa.)

Ensure the services are customer-focused, considerate and responsive to customers’ needs, and meet required service standards. This will include:
•Discussing and negotiating service level agreements with customers to ensure conformity of service provision and resource availability
•Informing and directing clients on technical and professional issues to ensure statutory and compliance requirements are accommodated
•Recognising and identifying shortfalls in service provision; investigating and assessing how they may best be rectified, within cost constraints

As part of the Estates Office’s 24-hour service provision, take full managerial responsibility for the estate during periods of emergency on-call cover (implementing escalation procedures and liasing with senior University staff during major emergencies/incidents).

Facilitate major events, functions, ceremonies and visits at the University, by ensuring necessary service and human resources are identified and provided to meet the needs of the occasion and the organiser. Manage the ongoing commitment to ensure the smooth operation and success for the University.

Ensure that all information concerning alterations to the estate is properly recorded. Implement surveys to identify, establish and maintain a comprehensive asset register.

As required, to cover for the absence of other Maintenance Officers.

Diagnose and report on defects; advise on additional procedures/practices to limit recurrences, implementing as necessary.

Manage and develop the specialised, extensive and complex networks of services such as high and low voltage distribution, pressure systems or gas installations, fulfilling the role of an “Authorised Person” where applicable. Operating within approved safety protocols, ensure a high degree of reliability and continuity for these core systems by:
•undertaking regular inspections / maintenance regimes
•suitably managing the requirements for and the implications of service interruptions to the University
•negotiating for and limiting as far as practicable, the timing and extent of shutdowns, providing alternative services where business needs dictate.

Take control of maintenance emergencies, applying sound professional solutions and practices to ensure safety and full recovery. Liasing with schools and departments on recovery measures in support of their business continuity plans.

Assess proposed changes to service provision or legislative requirements and advise on the resource implications, including financial. Implement and monitor the agreed solutions.

Assist with investigations and advising insurers associated with accident or loss claims, providing reports as required and implementing recovery measures.

Take responsibility as “signatory” for specific services such as suited locks and keys where applicable. Provide advice, management and procurement of such services.

Ensure, by monitoring its use by others and correcting as necessary, that the Building Management System is used effectively to control the environment in buildings within University and statutory requirements.

Ensure good practices relevant to energy conservation and environmental management are implemented and maintained. In liaison with the Head of Utilities, identify and investigate opportunities for energy-saving schemes (typical pay back 3 years).

In close liaison with the managers of larger development projects, ensure that the project follows a standardised approach to service provision and will allow cost effective maintenance in future. This will include providing specialist advice, regular attendance as a team member at design / project team meetings, preparing and maintaining suitable maintenance briefing documents and schedules of future maintenance, and ensuring correct take-over of the building’s maintenance when complete.

Facilitate the project team(s) in the decision making process and application of effective value engineering solutions.

Where external approvals are required for proposed maintenance work, liase and negotiate with statutory and local authorities as required. This will include undertaking applications for Building Regulations and Planning Approvals, and other requirements such as those under conservation (Heritage and Planning Acts), local authority fire codes and the Disability Discrimination Act.

Manage cyclical works such as redecorations, by developing and maintaining planned programmes of work to meet specific and long term objectives; select (generally via framework agreements when negotiated), appoint and control contractors. Liase closely with departments affected, to minimise the impact and disturbance on normal operations.

Undertake small-scale projects, including minor improvements and refurbishments to customers’ specific requirements, and taking account of statutory obligations and budget availability (typically up to £25k per project). This will include: establishing the customer’s needs, assessing and proposing solution(s), estimating costs and timings, procuring the work, and delivering the results to the preset time and budget.

Irregular Maintenance
Identify the needs for irregular maintenance, including the updating of condition surveys and propose priorities for action from the available budget (annual budgets typically ranging between £1M and £5M). Implement those works which are funded. This will include:
assessing dilapidations and using condition analysis / appraisal techniques to formulate a prioritised strategy
reporting on the needs, and on progress
preparing briefing documents and subsequently specifying, tendering and managing the related projects, appointing multi-disciplinary project management and design teams.

Planned Maintenance
Manage and monitor the provision of Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) regimes. This will include:
identifying the planned maintenance needs of buildings and services and specifying the appropriate PPM regime, basing these on Operation and Maintenance manuals and industry standards and good practice
using own initiative and specialist knowledge to identify core areas of service provision and to place emphasis on these in the regimes
preparing specifications / briefing documents on the adoption of refurbished areas or major developments (with the support of other team members).
monitoring how the regimes are followed (by others) and ensuring they are undertaken as specified, reviewing and revising the regimes as necessary.

Health & Safety
Work closely with the Estates Office and other Health and Safety Advisers to develop suitable policies and working practices. Undertake and apply risk assessments and other procedures to manage/mitigate hazards. Implement and manage local safety policies, including taking the role of “Authorised Person” for administering permit regimes. Assess trade staff and supervisors for competency and compliance with safety rules (relevant to role), auditing regularly as required and providing appropriate training.

Such other maintenance-related duties as may reasonably be requested by the Head of Maintenance or Head of Operations.

Person Specification

Knowledge, experience and qualifications
• broad knowledge and substantial functional experience across the range of maintenance disciplines, and in a similar environment (eg HE, Health Service or other Public Sector), preferably at least 5 years
• relevant qualification (preferably to degree level, though HNC or equivalent in an electrical , mechanical or building service would be acceptable in a mature candidate)
• excellent knowledge of relevant legislative requirements, including those relating to Listed buildings and conservation areas, and of the differing forms of contract; the ability to apply this knowledge to ensure the University complies appropriately and obtains best value and control
• a clear understanding of University strategy, and how the maintenance activity needs to be targeted to support that over the short and longer term
• a full clean and current driving licence.

• ability to provide specialist technical advice relating to present and future maintenance methods or needs, on the basis of which major decisions will be made
• ability to identify, diagnose and analyse complex maintenance problems; ability to solve them, using specialist methods and innovative ideas as required
• ability to design, specify, plan, and deliver programmes of planned maintenance, tailored to the buildings involved
• ability to communicate clearly on highly technical issues, whether with audiences of other specialists, non-specialists, or senior University Officers.

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