Post-doctoral fellowship in Cardiology

Jul 03, 2017
Nov 06, 2017
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time
This Thematic Project is being developed at the Heart Institute (InCor/HCFMUSP), one of the largest and most important cardiology center worldwide. InCor has about 500 beds, performing 10 to 15 cardiac surgeries per day, 40 to 60 cardiac catheterizations/percutaneous coronary interventions per day, to name a few. In addition, it has the largest scientific production of cardiology in Brazil and, probably, throughout Latin America. In addition, InCor is responsible for training thousands of health professionals each year; its Cardiology Residency Program receives 24 new professionals every year.
The post-doctoral fellow will be involved in several projects, where platelet function and antiplatelet mechanisms are being analyzed in different settings and atherosclerotic coronary disease patients, from subclinical atherosclerosis and stable coronary disease to acute coronary syndromes.

Ideally, the post-doctoral fellow should demonstrate prior experience in biology, physiology, and platelet pathophysiology; platelet activation pathways; methods of platelet function evaluation, mainly point of care technologies by electrical bioimpedance and optical aggregometry; methodology of adenosine dosage and its erythrocyte reuptake in clinical laboratory. In addition, it is desirable to have knowledge about endothelial function, inflammatory activity, autonomic nervous system activity, and peripheral arterial tonometry method of endothelial function evaluation.
During his/her term, the post-doctoral fellow should contribute to the adequate development to the ongoing projects, and to the technical and methodological training of doctoral students. Additionally, he/she will actively participate in group discussions, proposing new ideas and analysis. Finally, he/she should propose and lead at least two manuscripts aiming for publication in a journal level A1 (CAPES classification).
Scholarship grant: R$ 6,819.30 per month (, approximately US$ 25,600.00 per year. It is also possible to obtain technical assistance and research contingency funds of 15% of the annual value of the scholarship to be used in activities related to the research project.
Period: 24 months. The scholarship may be renewed for another two periods of 12 months.

The selection will be through curriculum analysis and interview, that can be done by teleconference. Interested candidates should send an e-mail to until 06/Nov/2017, containing the following information:
A) Updated curriculum vitae;
B) Letter of presentation indicating the reason of interest in the group with brief report of previous experience;
C) Letter of recommendation.
More information about the fellowship is at:

Eligible destination country/ies for fellows:Brazil

Eligibility of fellows: country/ies of residence:All

Eligibility of fellows: nationality/ies:All