PhD Studentship: Crystal stabilised edible Pickering Emulsions in the presence of alcohols

United Kingdom
Oct 19, 2017
May 31, 2018
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time

There is an interest in understanding the science of crystal stabilised edible Pickering emulsions in the presence of alcohols. To develop the understanding, we need to investigate the effect of alcohol (in particular ethanol) on the crystallisation (thermodynamics/kinetics and crystal morphology) of mono, di and triglycerides, develop understanding around wettability of the crystals with the different solvent mixtures, and on the emulsification process itself. This project is in collaboration with industry (Diageo).


Carry out detailed investigation on triglyceride crystallisation from edible oils with and without alcohols present.
Follow this investigation with a study of crystallisation in both oil in water and water in oil emulsions involving mixed water alcohol phases.
Investigate emulsification processes and emulsion stability of nano-droplets with fat shells – solvent conditions with alcohol/water mixtures


The project will involve materials testing (small and large deformation), thermal analysis, surface measurements including crystal wetting at interfaces, microscopy, kinetics and emulsification techniques. Both mechanistic and mathematical models will be sort.


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