PhD Studentship: Mathematical modelling of targeted drug delivery using coated microbubbles

United Kingdom
Jan 12, 2018
Apr 09, 2018
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time

Chemotherapy is the main treatment available for cancers. The toxic nature of chemotherapy drugs is essential for killing cancer cells but also has detrimental side effects. Coated microbubbles subject to ultrasound have been demonstrated to be a promising vehicle for targeted drug delivery to tumours. After injection, microbubbles arrive at the tumour site in a few seconds. When they pass the focal region, they are activated by the ultrasound, leading to violent collapse and hence drug release.

You will join an international leading research group in bubble dynamics. Based on our well-developed and world leading 3D bubble code, you will (i) develop and evaluate a computational model for coated microbubble dynamics in vasculature, and (ii) study if and when the bubble coating is broken for releasing drug.


Funding Notes

This research project is one of a number of projects at this institution. It is in competition for funding with one or more of these projects. Usually the project which receives the best applicant will be awarded the funding. The funding is only available to UK citizens or those who have been resident in the UK for a period of 3 years or more.

Non-UK Students: If you have the correct qualifications and access to your own funding, either from your home country or your own finances, your application to work on this project will be considered.

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