Managing Director of the Mechatronics and Automotive Center of Excellence based in Navarre.

Jan 18, 2018
Feb 22, 2018
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University and College
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Managing Director of the Mechatronics and Automotive Center of Excellence based in Navarre (North of Spain).


A new Center of Excellence is being created within the Innovation System of Navarra (SINAI) to promote the Smart Specialization Strategy - Navarre S3. The Center aims to:

  • Contribute with cutting-edge technology to the corporate sector, stand out by its excellence and innovative offer, and support the industrial development of Navarre in the AUTOMOTIVE and MECHATRONICS strategic priority line.
  • Acquire an intrinsic involvement with the sources of new knowledge generation, especially among academia, contributing to the aforementioned excellence.
  • Develop and capture new talent to transfer to the industrial sector, especially the regional industry, adopting the most suitable management model to achieve it.
  • Possess the necessary human and technical resources to become an international reference in the scientific and technological development, facilitating the positioning of Navarre in the corresponding leading international networks.

The new Center is built upon three fundamental pillars:

  • The existing personnel and technological means of one of the Technology Centers located in Navarre, with more than 25 years of proven experience in the automotive and mechatronics sectors.
  • The existing personnel and technological means of the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) related with the development of automotive and mechatronics technology.
  • Collaboration with other technology centers located in Navarre with broad experience in the aforementioned sectors.

The Center will have around 170 employees with a research and technology background belonging to the existing aforementioned Technology Center and appointed to the new Center of Excellence coming from the Public University of Navarre (UPNA).

The new center will operate through working groups with mixed profiles comprised of personnel from both research and applied technology.



The role of the Managing Director for the new center, which will have the status of a Private Foundation, is to:

  • Establish the specific goals for the Foundation’s course of action, complying with the activity program and general objectives approved by the Board.
  • Prepare the Foundation’s annual activity program for the subsequent approval of the Board.
  • Present to the Board or the Executive Commission, where appropriate, the cooperation agreements or other cooperation resources the Foundation may establish with other national or international research centers.
  • Lead the actions to obtain the needed resources to achieve the Foundation’s goals.
  • Lead, organize, manage, execute and examine the Foundation’s research activities, according to the Board’s guidelines.
  • Report the Foundation’s development of activities and research programs to the Board as well as to exercise the entrusted or delegated roles by the Board.
  • Lead the recruitment activities for the hiring of the Foundation’s scientific and technical personnel or for the acceptance of appointment of the scientific and technical personnel from other institutions to the Foundation.
  • Promote the training of the scientific and technical Foundation’s personnel.
  • Promote national and international recognition of the new Center, driving excellence, promoting the participation of research groups in dissemination actions to the public (seminars, congresses, articles in high-profile journals, PhD training, etc.)
  • Any other role specifically entrusted or delegated by the Board, in the terms provided for in the statutes.



The successful candidate will have the following profile and professional skills:

Professional skills

  • Research profile with experience of knowledge transfer to the automotive and mechatronics sectors of industry. The candidate must prove such experience by means of publications, patents and corporate technology transfer agreements.
  • Hold a doctorate degree in any of the subject areas relating to the automotive and mechatronics enabling technologies (Engineering, automation, robotics, electronics, etc.)
  • Experience in universities, technology centers and companies’ collaboration at international level.
  • MBA degree or equivalent will be appreciated.
  • Fluent in English, similarly valuing the knowledge of other languages used in the development of new technologies at international level.

Personal skills

  • Inquisitiveness for knowledge and eager to keep up to date with the technologies that represent the vanguard of applied research in the automotive and mechatronic sectors.
  • Ability to drive this new ambitious project, getting the enthusiastic involvement of the people participating in it.
  • Ability to develop and achieve the maximum performance from mixed work teams that combine research, technology development and transfer skills to the industrial sector.
  • Communication and empathy skills to sense, at every moment, the interests and ambitions, both of the companies and of the people belonging to the different research groups of the new center, as well as the social and media environment of Navarre.
  • Capacity to integrate into the social environment of Navarre.


Salary Level

Salary dependent on experience and qualifications.

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