Research engineer expert in mechanical design

Jun 14, 2018
Jun 22, 2018
Organization Type
University and College
Full Time
The Compiègne University of Technology is recruiting a research engineer who is an expert in mechanical design for the Mechanical Engineering Department (IM).


Type of contract and anticipated starting date

Fixed term contract – start immediatly, end on 2018/12/31



Desired professional experience in research and development of mechatronic and micro-mechatronic systems


Gross monthly salary

€ 2 400, to be negotiated depending of the candidate's previous experiences



1 607 hours per annum



The research engineer, expert in mechanical design work in scientific instrumentation will be responsible for supervising and supporting the experimental and modeling activities of the team consists of lecturer-researchers and PhD students working on the "Mechatronics" platform of the Roberval laboratory (FRE 2012). This platform is dedicated to the experimentation of research work in micro-mechatronics, carried out in the laboratory within the Mechatronics-Energy-Electricity-Integration (M2EI) team, which focuses on the design of compact mechatronics systems including original developments in actuators and sensors such as based on electromagnetic principles, optical or functionalized active materials. He will also manage the existing experimental benches that needs innovation and create new ones in connection with the research projects in progress or installation, project installations in which he will have a very active part in the fields of mechanical design, microsystems and their control.

At the same time, the research engineer will actively contribute to the organization of the "Prototyping and Systems" platform of the IM department, thus combining his actions with those of a mechanical engineer to offer the engineering and master students an offer of project-based training coordinated with research activities in the field of mechatronics. The recruited person will also establish the link with the electronic service to facilitate research-oriented or "training-oriented" developments (student projects, project workshops) in the areas of analog electronics and digital electronics.

Lastly, as part of his activities, he will participate in the valorization of the results obtained by publications in international research journals or conferences or in the drafting of invention patents related to the educational projects developed in the CMI or branch IM, or related to the research projects in which he will be involved.


Main responsibilities

  • Control, coordinate and follow complex mechanical assembly design including electronic functions (measurement, communication, control)
  • Organize the means for design, modeling and manage financial resources
  • Establish with the applicants the feasibility of projects or instrumentations, finalize them in the form of the functional specifications
  • Translate the specifications into technical specifications
  • Realize device design by integrating simulation techniques in the mechanical and electronic fields
  • Integrate in the design specialties related to mechanics (optical, electromagnetic, thermal, automatic, electronic ...)
  • Promote skills and technologies developed by the research team or in educational projects
  • Negotiate with a partner the scientific scope and cost of a project or equipment.
  • Reduction of the technical part of the market research or of the works


Secondary activities

  •  Ensure the management of the documentation produced in the context of projects (research or educational) or related to platform instruments.
  • Track platform specific hardware orders, monitor and control internal or external manufacturing or services.
  • To follow, in its field the evolutions of the techniques, manufacturing, and experimental and to be trained to implement them
  • Collaborate in the setup and implementation of quality processes
  • Apply and enforce hygiene and safety rules around facilities.


Environment and work context

The activity is carried out on two platforms, one oriented research and the other training. The recruited person will work daily with a mechanical engineer and a multidisciplinary team of teacher-researchers (mechanics, automation engineers, electronics and opticians) and PhD students.

He will coordinate the activities developed especially in the mechatronics prototyping area of ​​the IM's "prototyping and systems" training platform. He will be in frequent contact with students of mechanical engineering and masters who are involved in machine design projects and systems by providing support through mechanical design skills in instrumentation, physical measurement techniques and automatic (including control of the microcontrollers). On the research platform, he will organize and supervise the research activities of the PhD students, in consultation with the teacher-researchers working on micro-mechatronics topics at the laboratory Roberval FRE 2012, including activities related to integrating different entities (mechanical / thermal, automatic control, electronic, electromagnetic and optical / photonic).

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