Postdoc positions "HERMES (Hybrid Enhanced Regenerative Medicine Systems)" Project

Jul 27, 2018
Nov 29, 2018
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University and College
Full Time
The Neuromorphic Group at IMSE has openings for Post-Doc or Pre-Doc positions to work on the "HERMES (Hybrid Enhanced Regenerative Medicine Systems)" Project.

This is a recently granted EU FET-Proactive FETPROACT-01-2018 project devoted to the development of intelligent biohybrids, made by the symbiotic integration of bioengineered brain tissue, neuromorphic microelectronics and artificial intelligence, to effectively drive self-repair of dysfunctional brain circuits and validate it against animal models of epilepsy.

The work is done in collaboration with European leading experts in regenerative medicine, artificial intelligence and neuromorphic hardware. IMSE's role will focus on developing CMOS spiking neurons interacting with adaptable memristive synaptic devices that will be part of the electronic enhanced intelligent biotissue.

Candidates should have a background on CMOS analog integrated circuit design. Knowledge of vhdl, FPGA systems prototyping and computational neuroscience will be positively evaluated.

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